Course Code: 911336

Use state-of-the-art software to study all phases of accounting. Develop job search techniques, improve communication skills, and prepare for possible advanced placement in college.

This Course is only offered in the mornings.



Unit ID Unit Name Duration Prerequisites
001 Accounting: Customer Service 3 Months Units 005, 001 and 010
002 Marketing 3 Months None
003 Colour Theory 1 Month Unit 001
004 Business Studies 5 Months Units 007 and 009

JoLynn Ross

Master’s Degree
Louisiana Teaching Certificate
IC3 Certification
Quickbooks Certification
Microsoft Excel Certification
Microsoft Word Certification
Microsoft PowerPoint Certification
30 years teaching experience

  • (318) 636-5150

1. Course Description

Earn two enriched credit Carnegie units while learning Accounting concepts, policies and procedures spanning the accounting cycle for proprietorships, corporations and partnerships for both service and merchandising businesses. Participate in activities to enhance business etiquette, ethics, computer skills, time management, personal finance and human relations. Opportunity to become a member of Future Business Leaders of America and compete at District, State and National Levels. Dual enrollment credit available.

2. Course Goals

  • Understand and apply basic accounting principles and procedures and demonstrate this understanding through completion of the steps of the accounting cycle.
  • Determine the value of assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity according to generally accepted accounting principles explaining when and why they are used.
  • Prepare, interpret, and analyze financial statements for a service and a merchandising business.
  • Research career and apply skills needed for initial and continued employment.
  • Develop high ethical standards in personal and business relationships.

3. Major Course Projects

  • Completion of the accounting cycle for a service business organized as a proprietorship (Simulation 1 Parts A and B; Red Carpet Events)
  • Completion of the accounting cycle for a merchandising business organized as a corporation (Simulation 2 Parts A and B; Authentic Threads)
  • Adjustments and Valuation for a merchandising business organized as a corporation (Simulation 3 Parts A and B)
  • Career Portfolio

4. Grades

  • Chapter Working Papers and Exam
  • Unit Simulations and Exam
  • Career Portfolio

5. Text

  • Century 21 Accounting Multicolumn Journal 10th Edition