Course Code: 410025

Learn about food preparation and service, as well as safety and sanitation. Train as cooks, chefs, kitchen workers, commercial food equipment operators, line workers, waiters, and waitresses. Learn and practice banquet hosting and catering.

  • Set table properly and perform various forms of service required through luncheons and dinners prepared and served as a part of the class laboratory.
  • Show through practical experience a knowledge of food purchases and food cost control.
  • Plan, cost out, and prepare finger foods for council members and/or other catering functions.
  • Research one career in the commercial food service field, preparing a short written report and an oral presentation.
  • Prepare a baked product and score it for success (with rubric).
  • Maintain a portfolio throughout the year and turn in for score.

Brandon Candler

  • (318) 636-5150

Suzanne McKinnon

BS Degree Family & Consumer Sciences
Louisiana Teacher Certified
ProStart Instructor Certified
ServSafe Instructor/proctor dual status
BS degree in Finance
Certified Teacher (Lifetime Certificate)
18th year of successful teaching experience

  • (318) 636-5150

Year 1 ProStart Course Outline

The following information is covered during the first year of ProStart:

  •  Welcome to the Restaurant Foodservice Industry
  •  Keeping Food Safe
  •  Workplace Safety
  •  Kitchen Essentials 1 Professionalism
  •  Kitchen Essentials 2 Equipment and Techniques
  •  Stocks, Sauces and Soups
  •  Communication
  •  Management Essentials
  •  Fruits and Vegetables
  •  Serving Your Guest
  •  Potatoes and Grains
  •  Building a Successful Career in the Industry

Class Uniform and Supplies Check List 

Uniforms are required for lab participation as well as for safety and sanitary reasons.

The student is responsible for purchasing and maintaining the cleanliness of his/her own chef coat.

Appropriate lab uniform includes the following:

  •  A White Chef Coat (You may purchase on your own or one may be obtained through the school for a fee of $20)
  •  An Apron
  •  A Chef Hat
  •  Pants
  •  Closed toe/ non-slip shoes (ballet flats, crocs with holes, and high heals are not appropriate)

In addition to the above-mentioned supplies, there is a lab fee of $40.

Classroom Supplies: 

Items to purchase:

Two 3 Ring Binders (1”-1.5”)

What is ProStart? 

ProStart is a two-year career-building program for high school students.  Whether students are looking to enter the job market directly after graduating, or if they plan to attend college, a ProStart graduate makes a solid candidate for success.

ProStart students gain experience and recognition in several ways:

1. Classroom Experience:

Students have the opportunity to have hands on experience and practice in a full commercial kitchen. Classroom experience provides students with the important skills they will need for success in the food service industry. Many university hospitality programs accept ProStart courses for college credit.

2.  Mentored Work Experience: Internships

ProStart students apply what they have learned, in qualified food service operations with industry professionals. In their mentored work experience, students receive mentor support, character development and real- world skills that give them a head start toward a career in the industry as well as a paycheck.

3. ProStart National Certificate of Achievement (COA):  

This certificate offers students an opportunity for scholarships from the Restaurant Associations, college credit and a head start in employment.

4. ServSafe certification that is valid anywhere for 5 years. (food safety and sanitation)



Daily Grade 

40 points daily for lab