Course Code: 912443

Become certified to take dental x-rays, make patient study models, and learn other dental procedures while exploring a variety of dental careers. Develop and practice skills in a simulated dental office.

EC (Enriched Credit) and IBC (Industry-based Certification)

Section 1: Introduction to Dentistry
  • Focus: Dental Health Care Workers (DHCW) and Dental Specialties
  • Projects: Research and report on duties, educations, and licensure of DHCW
Section 2: Prevention & Nutrition
  • Focus: Oral Health & Preventative Techniques (Brushing & Flossing), Nutrition & Cariogenic foods
  • Projects: Demonstrate correct oral hygiene techniques, Analyze Sugar and acid in foods
Section 3: Basic Dental Sciences
  • Focus: General Anatomy, Head & Neck Anatomy, Embryology & Histology, Tooth Morphology
  • Projects: Produce diagnostic models, Demonstrate assisting with oral anesthesia, Demonstrate taking and recording patient vital signs
Section 4: Preclinical Dental Skills
  • Focus: Microbiology, Infection Control Procedures, Obtain CPR certification, BLS level
  • Projects: Demonstrate treatment room disinfection, Demonstrate instrument recirculation, Demonstrate adult, child, & infant one and two rescuer CPR
Section 5: Clinical Dental Procedures
  • Focus: Concepts of Chairside Assisting, Basic Instruments and Instrument Transfer, Maintaining an Operating Field
  • Project: Demonstrate basic instrument transfer
Section 6: Dental Radiology
  • Focus: Obtain Dental Radiology certification
  • Project: Produce a full-mouth set of dental x-rays, including bitewing x-rays
Section 7: Restorative & Laboratory Materials and Techniques
  • Focus: Amalgam Restorations, Provisional coverage, Matrix Systems, Laboratory Materials & Techniques
  • Projects: Demonstrations of assisting with various dental restorative materials, assembling various dental matrices, fabrication of provisional crowns and custom bleaching trays.
Section 8: Dental Practice Management
  • Focus: Employment Strategies
  • Project: Produce a professional portfolio

Kelly Holloway

Graduate of the University of Louisiana Monroe Dental Hygiene Program.

  • (318) 636-5150

Course Description:

The Dental Assisting program is designed to prepare students for positions in dental offices and clinics as a dental chairside and business office assistants.  Learning opportunities develop academic, technical and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention and advancement.  The program emphasized a combination of didactic and clinical instruction necessary for successful employment.  Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include fieldtrips and job shadowing.  This course is one school year in length with students earning 2 enriched credits.

Instructional Philosophy:

The instruction will be heavily laboratory-and project-based with a minimum of lecture and demonstration.  The course requires students to complete research, give presentations, and demonstrate dental procedures, complete dental laboratory projects and complete computer simulations.  Student will work independently as well as in teams to compete assignments which will help them learn to process information for themselves and cultivate teamwork skills.  The projects will require students to draw on academic skills in math, science and language arts.

Student assessments will be based on completion of lab projects, research reports, oral presentations, written quizzes/tests, demonstration of acquired skills and professional portfolios.  Students will be given ample time and opportunity to complete projects and prepare for skills demonstrations that meet industry standards.

Course Goals:

Students will be competent in the knowledge and skills required to :

  1. Systematically collect diagnostic data, including:
    1. Producing preliminary impressions
    2. Taking/recording patient vital signs
    3. Taking dental radiographs
  2. Perform a variety of clinical supportive treatments, including:
    1. Demonstrate infection control protocol
    2. Provide oral health instructions
    3. Assist in management of medical and dental emergencies
    4. Assist with basic dental procedures

Major Projects and Assignments:

  • Dental laboratory projects, reports and/or analysis: Each laboratory experience will include a written plan that illustrates the reasoning and inquiry and a written analysis of that project.  The written portion of the lab project may be completed in class or as homework as directed by the teacher.  A minimum of six (6) of these projects are to be included in the portfolio.
  • Dental updates: Periodically, students will be asked to read articles on dental developments and complete written exercises to demonstrate understanding of what they have read.
  • Test and quizzes, Vocabulary quizzes are given regularly.  Unit test are given at the end of each unit and will include at least one case student question.  Many tests and quizzes will be taken electronically.
  • Each student is required to complete a professional portfolio as the final class project.  This portfolio is documentation of the students’ success in the dental assisting class.

Grading Policy:

  • If an assignment is not turned in and the student is present in class the day of the assignment a grade of “1” will be recorded.  This score will remain until the assignment is turned in.
  • If an assignment is missing due to an absence, a “0” will be recorded until the assignment is turned in.
  • One Friday a month is reserved to allow students to make up work.  No other class time is to be used to make up work.
  • The grades for this class are based on a 10 point grading scale.