Course Code: 911921

This program brings together fashion design makeup artistry for film, photography, and fashion management. By applying the principles of fashion design and art combined with photographic techniques, the students will address the real world programs of creating looks and designs that capture the themes and stories of movie and fashion show products. A new focus of this program is costume design. Students now explore, design and create costumes in a new sewing lab.

WBL (Work Based Learning)

  • Create a notebook that will contain course work, fashion styling projects, make-up art stencils, costume design work, patterns and directions.
  • Develop throughout the year a professional portfolio to be used for scholarship applications
  • and job interviews.
  • Fashion styling project: Includes sketches and collages focusing on 12 genres of fashion. D. Units focusing on costume history from the ancient Greek and Roman culture to modern
  • day. Each unit will include research, character studies, garment, make-up and hair techniques, garment and accessories.
  • Altered couture projects: students will re-invent various garments to create costume design
  • accessories that will go with the garment being constructed.

Anne Chandler

Family and Consumer Science Education

  • (318) 636-5150

1. Course Description

This comprehensive course allows students to explore the many opportunities in the styling, makeup, and costume field that are featured in the film and theatre industry. Students will research and create costume and makeup plans as we study a variety of cultures and time periods. They will learn how to operate the equipment used in constructing garments and accessories.

2. Course Goals

  • Create a fashion styling/costume design notebook that features coursework
  • Learn how to safely use the different sewing tools and other materials used in class
  • Demonstrate how to correctly operate a sewing machine, serger, and pressing equipment
  • Explore career opportunities that relate to fashion and the film industry
  • Create costumes in lab based on the culture being studied
  • Use a variety of hand sewing skills to embellish garments
  • Analyze pattern information to determine size, view, fabric requirements, notions and alterations
  • Apply skills learned in styling, costuming and makeup art to create a character for presentation as a part of their capstone project
  • Develop a portfolio for future use in applying for scholarships and jobs

3. Major Course Projects

  • Design notebook with original artwork and assignments
  • Fashion Styling project: sketches and collages of 10 genres of fashion; a mood board reflecting student’s style; and a business card of a fashion styling business
  • Units focused on costume history from the ancient cultures to the present. Each unit will include research, character studies, costume, make-up and hair techniques, and accessories
  • Costume Designer timeline presentation
  • Capstone Project: Creating a character, costume, hair, and make-up plan, and accessories for a presentation

4. Make up work

Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:00 will be designated for sewing in the lab to make up projects. Students will need to schedule this at least 24 hours in advance.

5. Grading Scale

  • 93-100 – A
  • 85-92 – B
  • 75-84 – C
  • 67-74 – D
  • 0-66 – F

6. Textbook

Apparel: Design, Textiles, and Construction by Louise Lidell and Carolee Samuels

7. Industry-Based Certifications

Customer Service Certification through the National Retail Federation

Pre-Pac Textiles and Apparel Certification

8. Articulation Credit

We now have an articulation with the Dallas Art Institute for 3 hours in History of Costume and are working with Northwestern for course credit.