Course Code: 090711

First Responder teaches you how to give emergency care to victims of accidents or illness. Medical Terminology provides knowledge of medical terms and the oral and written language used in the health care professions. (Offered mornings only.)

First Responder: EC (Enriched Credit), DE (Dual Enrollment), IBC (Industry-based Certification)

Medical Terminology: EC (Enriched Credit), DE (Dual Enrollment)

Grade Performance Standard
Ch. 1 Basic Word Structure
Ch. 2 Terms Pertaining to the Body as a whole
Ch. 3 Suffixes
Ch. 4 Prefixes
Ch. 5 Digestive System
Ch. 6 Additional Suffixes and Digestive System
Ch. 7 Urinary System
Ch. 8 Female Reproductive System
Ch. 9 Male Reproductive System
Ch. 10 Nervous System
Ch. 11 Cardiovascular System
Ch. 12 Respiratory System
Ch. 13 Blood System
Ch. 14 Lymphatic and Immune System
Ch. 15 Musculoskeletal System
Ch. 16 Skin
Ch. 17 Sense Organs: The Eye and the Ear
Ch. 18 Endocrine System
Ch. 19 Cancer Medicine (Oncology)
Ch. 20 Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Ch. 21 Pharmacology
Ch. 22 Psychiatry
Final Exam Prep
Final Exam

Kimberly Houston

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Course Description

This course is study of the basic structure of medical terms including prefixes, suffixes, roots, combining forms, plurals, pronunciation, spelling and definition.  The course introduces students to fundamental concepts in human anatomy and physiology.


  • Analyze, build, spell, and pronounce medical words that relate to the human body systems in health and illness
  • Define selected medical vocabulary words and abbrevieations

To achieve these goals the student will

  • Define terms that apply to the structural organization of the body
  • Define commonly used medical abbreviations
  • Define, spell, and correctly use common medical prefixes, suffixes, and roots
  • Analyze words by dividing them into component parts
  • Describe disease process and symptoms that affect organs and systems of the human body
  • Apply knowledge to understanding medical terms in their proper contexts, such as medical reports, records, and clinical applications
  • Name, locate, and describe the functions of the organs and systems of the body
  • Pronounce medical and anatomical terms correctly
  • Complete assigned section of each chapter


Grades include quizzes, tests, class work, and homework.


Textbook, notebook, and pen/pencil to class daily

Make Up Policy

Make up work is the student’s responsibility and is usually required to be done outside of class. Make up tests are scheduled with the instructor and are done before or after school.

Behavior and Conduct Expectations

It is a privilege to attend this class and therefore, proper behavior is mandatory.  I expect:  Honesty; Respect and Attention; Punctuality; Preparedness; and Completion of Assignments.