Course Code: 080300

Earn while you learn! Combine part-time office employment with one hour of classroom instruction per day. Students must provide their own transportation.

DE (Dual Enrollment), WBL (Work-based Learning)

JoLynn Ross

Master’s Degree
Louisiana Teaching Certificate
IC3 Certification
Quickbooks Certification
Microsoft Excel Certification
Microsoft Word Certification
Microsoft PowerPoint Certification
30 years teaching experience

  • (318) 636-5150

This course provides students with part-time employment combined with classroom instruction in human relations, business etiquette, time management, personal finance and computer operations and techniques.  Emphasis is placed on skill development in information processing and decision-making.  Oral and written communication and critical thinking skills are reinforced in this course as students format, compose and proofread business documents and work in teams to complete projects.  The aim of this course is to provide students with advanced skills that are utilized in the workplace or for personal life skills.


Students must be at least 16 years old, have a social security card and be employed for an average of 15 hours per week.  540 hours of work experience are required to receive credit for GCE.  Students must provide their own transportation to and from class and work.

Program Fees:

Fees for this course are $75 and include parish-wide required fees as well as local, state, and national FBLA dues.  Students are required to provide their own transportation to and from CC&TC as well as to and from work .  Some coursework requires students to meet off-campus (service projects, business etiquette lessons, etc.).

GCE is a one-year, four Carnegie unit course.  Students meet in CC&TC class each school day and then are released from school at 1:30 pm to accommodate work schedules.  Students must complete the required class hours as well as the required work hours to receive credit for the course.  Documentation of work hours and wages must be submitted weekly.  Students should maintain a minimum of 2.0 GPA in all classes and a copy of the report card should be submitted to the instructor each nine weeks.  Work documentation must be submitted at least every two weeks.  A worksite evaluation will completed by the employer at least each nine-week grading period.

Major projects for the course include an introductory PowerPoint presentation which will be revised throughout the year to include career plans and be presented as a final projected, a career portfolio, participation in Service Projects such as Red River Revel, FBLA Blood Drive promotion, Salvation Army/Toys for Tots, and attendance at the annual Caddo Parish Employer Appreciation Banquet.

Students will participate in FBLA projects during class and are encouraged (but not required) to take advantage of additional opportunities such as Leadership Conferences outside of schools hours.

Students are to obtain parent and employer signatures on required paperwork including Traingin Memorandums, Training Agreement and Code of Ethics, Handbooks, etc.

Success in the course is expected if a student attends class regularly, completes assignments on time, documents a minimum of 540 work hours, and meets the requirements in the training Agreement and Training Memorandum.