Course Code: 916348

Graphic Arts program is based on industry standards that prepare students for admission to post-secondary art courses and entry level employment in the graphic communications industry. Students develop basic digital graphic design skills, learn the basics of color theory, page layout, and the production skills needed in visual design and the printing industry.

DE (Dual Enrollment), WBL (Work-based learning), IBC (Industry Based Certification)

Cindy Brown

Ms. Brown began her study of the Printing Industry at the Caddo Career & Technology Center. The course led into a career where she worked in the pre-press department in Commercial Printing for more than 25 years.

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An examination of the digital tools used in the visual arts. Students are exposed to the theory and function of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, basic digital design principles utilized in the visual arts. Topics include operating systems, typography, vector and bitmap imaging, page layout, file transfer, output, web, emerging technologies, and other material relative to the digital visual arts and printing workflow.


Course Structure:

1. Adobe Photoshop

Students are given the opportunity to complete Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop curriculum in order to achieve the Adobe Certified Associate certification validating entry-level visual communication skills using Adobe Photoshop software. The course covers the following objectives:

Setting Project Requirements

Identifying Design Elements When Preparing Images

Understand Adobe Photoshop

Manipulating Images by Using Adobe Photoshop

Publishing Digital Images by Using Adobe Photoshop

2. Adobe InDesign

Students will learn the basics of Adobe InDesign gaining real world experience through a project based approach. Specific attention is paid to developing principles and continuity for thorough, effective design as they build a 12-16 page magazine.


Grading Scale

LDOE Uniform Grading system

  • 100-93 A
  • 92-85 B
  • 84-75 C
  • 74-67 D
  • 66-0 F