Course Code: 914713

Train to be a machinist by building machine parts using lathes, mills, drills, grinders, and CNC (computer numerical controlled) machines. Develop skills in reading blueprints, using machine shop math, practicing layouts, completing bench work and heat treating.

DE (Dual Enrollment), WBL (Work-based learning)

David Baker

20 years experience working in a machine shop
10 years of teaching
NIMS certification

  • (318) 636-5150

1. Course Description

A. Aim:

Students will learn shop safety and the basic skills of being a machinist. This includes operating drill presses, lathes, mills, grinders and basic CNC operations.

B.  Topics to be covered:

Reading precision measuring equipment (micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, etc.); safety techniques; instruction and training on equipment (lathes, mills, drill press, grinders); blue print reading; and CNC programming and operation.

C.  Place within the Program of Study:

This is not a required course but is highly recommended for anyone wanting to pursue a career as a machinist or a career in a similar field. The course would be very helpful for anyone wanting to pursue the field of mechanical engineering. Strong math skills are helpful in this course.  After two (2) years of this course, students should be able to work at a public manufacturing business or machine shop.

D.  Length:

This is a three (3)-year course. This class will take the place of two (2) classes at the student’s home school.

2.    Instructional Philosophy

Students will be expected to follow industry attendance standards, dress and work habits.  They will receive instructions (verbal and written) on projects and lessons.  They will also work on projects independently and as a team.

3.    Course Goals

By the end of the course, students should be able to machine projects using saws, lathes, mills, drill presses and grinders. Students will also be able to read blueprints and develop a planned sequence of operations to the finished project.    This will be accomplished by the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the year.

4.    Major Course Projects

Students will use shop time to make the following projects:

1st year students:

  • Drill Press project
  • Layout hammer
  • Hacksaw
  • Center punch
  • Set of parallels (2)

2nd year students:

  • Hex nuts & studs
  • Tool Makers Vice
  • C-Clamp

3rd year students:

  • Tap wrench

All students:

  • Capstone Project (will be selected at the end of the year, and be dependent on the skill level of the students.)

5.    Instructional Delivery Plan

Students will learn through class work including bookwork, class discussion, and shop work, hands-on projects in the shop.  The shop projects will give them a better understanding of what they learn in the classroom.

6.     Class Fees

There will be a class fee of $20.00; this will cover cost of shop aprons,   safety glasses and membership in Skills USA.

7.    Make-up Work  

Students can make-up shop work on Thursday afternoon from 3:30-4:30, I must have 24 hour notice.

8.    Assessment Plan

  • A       93-100%
  • B       85-92%
  • C       75-84%     
  • D       67-74%
  • F       0-66%