Automotive Technology Student Luke Bailey  had a busy day Thursday, April 23, 2015. Before the CCTC Foundation Scholarship Awards, where Luke was presented with a $2000.00 scholarship, Luke assisted School-to-Work Coordinator Brad Wren with an event at Lakeshore Middle School. Luke, with help of his teachers prepared a presentation tailored to his audience of middle school students which he delivered with poise and confidence.  The presentation was given during a Volunteers of America career event.  Luke was able to engage his audience with a demonstration of electrical circuits, explaining series and parallel with a lightbulb. Volunteers from the audience were brought up to the front of the class to hold probes from a multimeter.  Luke used his volunteers to teach the concept of resistance, by measuring the resistance in the students bodies.  He seemed very comfortable speaking in front of a group.   The organizers of the event were impressed! luke baily with certificateLuke Bailey with scanner