The first week in February at CCTC is Job Shadowing Week.  When many people look to a groundhog to inform them if winter is coming to an end students at CCTC are looking towards their futures.  CCTC partners with local industries and businesses who have our students “shadow them” in order to learn more about specific careers.  This post will highlight one student and her shadowing experience.

(Left)Wanda Ryba: Magnet High Senior, CCTC Carpentry Student

(Right) Tammy Daniels:  Planned Maintenance-Service  Hamm Mechanical, NAWIC

Tammy arranged for Wanda to be part of a board meeting, tour facilities, learn how ducts are made, how projects are budgeted, and even had time to share with Wanda about how exciting and rewarding a career in constuction management can be.

Wanda would like to attend LA Tech next year.  Tammy spoke about the possibility in majoring in construction management and the classes needed with in that major.  Wanda left with her own hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, and a Hamm Mechanical t-shirt.


(below)   Wanda learning how sheet metal is made into air ducts.












(below) Wanda learning the programs that are used to build the budget.


Thank you to Hamm Mechanical!

If you have a business and, are interested in “seeing your shadow”, please contact: 

Brad Wren,