Every Fashion Designer has a unique inspiration behind their collection, wrapped in their identity and experiences.  In her debut collection, Marianna Murphy hopes to share the story behind one of her favorite television shows, Supernatural.  The show centers around two brothers and their battles against the forces of evil like wendigos, poltergeists and ghosts.  A central plot point of the show is the dichotomy of angels and demons, something that Marianna centered on in two of her looks.

First LookHer first look, the introduction to her collection, symbolizes the demons from the show.  This look features a deep red T shirt with high-waisted shorts and a dramatic black lace overskirt that trails behind.  As is true with all of her collection, every aspect is completely handmade by Marianna.

In her second look, she wanted to evoke the angel characters with a full-length grey jumpsuit.  The angels from the show tend to dress formally in corporate casual clothing; this is reflected in the muted color of grey for the fabric.  For extra detail, she added interesting strapping that ties in the back and the always awesome – POCKETS!

A proper finale should be a dramatic signature on a cohesive show; and Marianna nailed it with an incredible ball gown.  This look represents the two brothers from the show by incorporating a red check, a print that they always wear via their flannel or plaid shirts.  Marianna incorporated hand draping to construct the top, so it is entirely custom to her design and measurements.

Marianna is a Junior at Caddo Magnet High School and a first year student in Fashion Design at the Caddo Career and Technology Center.  Next year, she will continue in her second year in Fashion Styling and Costume Design and compete in our first ever Fashion Show competition at Artbreak.  Below, hear from Marianna about her experience in the Fashion Design class this year and creating her collection.

Why are you interested in Fashion Design; why did you enroll in the Fashion Design program? 

I have always said that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer since I was a little kid but I didn’t know anything about how to sew or make clothing.  Last year, my best friend Chase took the class and told me about all the awesome projects that they work on and also that I did not have to have any sewing experience in order to take the class. 

What is your favorite look and why? 

Definitely the finale ball gown, because I worked the hardest on it and I have the most pride in it.  Plus I just love fancy gowns! 

What was your favorite technique that you used in your collection? 

Draping!  I hand pleated the bodice using draping techniques learned in class.  I think this will be useful in the future for seeing how fabric will look before putting it under the sewing machine. 

You are competing in next year’s fashion show at Artbreak, do you have an inspiration for that collection in mind yet? 

Vintage from different decades especially the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  But I would make it very fun and whimsical! 

Tune in next school year to see more progress from Marianna Murphy and other Fashion students competing in the first ever Artbreak Fashion competition!

If you are a Caddo Parish high school student, learn more about how to enroll in programs like Fashion Design at www.caddocareer.com

Pictures by Michaela R. Giles Photography