Last week our Teaching Profession students at @caddo_career did their first classroom observations! They learned how different educators on our campus present their subjects, and how that can vary between class and student needs.

Thank you so much for the teachers who allowed us to learn from their awesome classes!


Culinary with Chef Candler: Lana Intrchoodech (Shreve), Janiya Vanderpool (Byrd), Catheryn Covington (Magnet)

Java Programming with Mr. Matlock: Ally Sullivan (Magnet)
Carpentry with Mr. Bickham: Carly Wheelhouse (Magnet)

Marketing with Mr. Germany: Kemille King (BTW)

Web Design with Ms. Mangham: Kortney Barr (Byrd), Joshua Mayes (Southwood)

Fashion Styling with Ms. Chandler: Jordan Shields (Shreve), Laney Mancho (Magnet)
Patient Care Technician with Mrs. Little: Paola Gonzalez (Magnet), Ireland Brady (Shreve)