All of the following students have been chosen by their instructors for student of the quarter.  These students exhibit the exemplary qualities found in successful students.  (hard work, communication skills with peers, punctuality, good grades, ability to preform in class)

Pictured above: Kaitlyn Barnett, Mario Brewer, Riley Edgell, Taylor Gabucci, Rhys Gaudet, Hamzah Jamil Musa, Kiersten Ross, LaKondria Ware

Not pictured: Aishwarya Naidu, Cole Rimmer

Pictured above: Cameron Johnson, Noah Alexander, Sage Sanders, Tatyana Clinton, James Auer, Ndeye Gueye, Adriana McGee

Pictured above: Logan Meeder, Luke Crain, Kennedi McLemore, Liam Watson, Robert Rose, Paole Gonzalez, Nguyen Phat Dang, Wendy Aguirre