For the last week, student leaders have been making announcements each period to promote awareness of our PBIS school wide expectations here at CCTC!!
PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.  The National program seeks to reduce or eliminate poor behaviors school-wide through the encouragement of positive behaviors. It is a way to create positive, predictable, equitable and safe learning environments where everyone thrives. (

Our 2023-24 PBIS Tier I team members include: Kenneth Berg (Principal), Daryl Adams (Asst. Principal), Sherri Moss (Counselor), Liniqua Douglas (BIS), Holly Fleming (Teacher), Laci Stokes (Teacher), Brad Wren (School/Work Coordinator), Valerie Mills (teacher), Jenny McGuirk (Parent), Omi McGuirk (Student).
Thank you for helping us share our vision for a positive school climate!